Creative Response to TEST SITE project by Kim Crowley

Kim Crowley is a Cork based visual artist, editor and member of Bloomers. Her practice is rooted in DIY publishing, zine making and photography. Kim was editor of Bloomers Magazine Issue 04 and 05 and has also produced such zines as My Mouldy House and Me, Any Plans for the Day and Where Our Land Begins and Ends. She is currently undergoing a new body of work, These Stately Hills, with thanks to the Arts Council of Ireland. Kim will be starting an MLitt in Curatorial practice at the Glasgow School of Art in September 2021.@kimrcrowley

TEST SITE is a collaborative, urban research project based on Kyrl’s Quay, Cork City, co-created by Ailbhe Cunningham and Aoife Desmond. The project looks at our engagement with the city across the disciplines of art, architecture and ecology using the abandoned sawmill and adjacent sites on Kyrl’s Quay in the city centre. TEST SITE project invites us to consider ideas of growth and decay, use and dereliction while intending to affect greater public engagement by opening up the vacant site for public usage. TEST SITE will see the group create a temporary outdoor community space for city residents. Seminar discussions, workshops and events around the topics of biodiversity, urban planning and architectural heritage are planned, alongside a short series of live performance events and film screenings.

This text is a creative response to the project, particularly focusing on a walking tour examining past houses and dwellings around the Kyrl’s Quay area by Dr. Elena Turk which took place on the 16th of June.


List of images

Image 1,2,4,6, 7 and 8; taken by Kim Crowley

Image 3 and 5 are screenshots from the RTE Archives

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