‘A mundane and dreary February day in Cork’ by Eamon Carey

In A mundane and dreary February day in Cork, Eamon Carey describes his encounter with ‘Can You Hear Me Damo?’ by Anne May Tabb

‘Can You Hear Me Damo?’ is the title of Anne-May Tabb’s first solo show, curated by fellow Crawford alumni Ali O’Shea.

At first look, this intriguingly titled exhibition seems like a confusing mix of sculpture and installation pieces. It is however bright, colourful and inviting – its quirky nature drawing the viewer in to explore.

This was a fun, immersive experience that brought joy to a mundane and dreary, February day in Cork. The recycled found materials and plywood constructions were reminiscent of the somewhat ramshackle older city centre, calling to mind the reconstruction works in the North Main Street area.

Walking in amongst the pieces, it is initially difficult to connect the dots. However, the more you explore the more you are rewarded with hidden gems and details that would be easy to overlook if you just quickly skimmed the exhibition. The absence of an artist’s statement encourages the viewer to be open-minded, to draw their own conclusions and relate the works to their own life.

Cork’s pigeons play an amusing part in the exhibition. These prominent features of every Corkonian’s day, pop up via drawings, a construction piece and in the photos of their droppings that spatter the streets, statues and signposts of the city centre.

I interpreted the installation as an ode to everyday life in Cork city centre – walks, pigeons, ramshackle constructions, spilled pints, and paint splatters. It was a playful and refreshing take on the everyday. The mix of quirky sculpture with photography, drawings created a varied and visually appealing installation. Overall, this experience helped me see the amusing details in the mundane and made life in the city seem considerably less grey.

Eamon Carey is an artist from Waterford, who works primarily in paint and printmaking. He is a graduate of Crawford College of Art and Design.

‘Can you hear me Damo?’ is the first solo show from Cork-based artist Anne-May Tabb and is curated by Alison O’Shea. The show ran from February 1st in St Peter’s Vision Centre, North Main Street to February 14th, 2022. 

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