Open Port! by Marie-Chantal Hamrock

This zine is a response to the controversial documentary Open Port (1968) that looks at prostitution along the Leeside quays in Cork City. 

The artist, Marie Chantal Hamrock created this work in conjuction with her current exhibition ‘Aberdeen Open City’.

Marie-Chantal Hamrock is a visual artist based in Glasgow. Using relics and inscrutable objects, she creates surreal and complex narratives, hinting at arcane and clandestine revelations. Her work seeks to blur the line between the real and the imagined through a multi-disciplinary practice, moving across drawing, film, writing and object-making.

‘Aberdeen Open City’ runs from Friday 03 March 2023 – Sunday 19 March 2023

Location: 1-5 George Street, (Schoolhill area, next to Bon Accord Centre), Aberdeen

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