Reviews/ Responses

A response to The Red Rose (1923) at Crawford Art Gallery
Response to George Bolster’s ‘Communication: We Are Not The Only Ones Talking’ by Sarah Long
Hyperconnected Modalities of Touch: Georgia Perkins
Sarah Long responds to ‘a city of beautiful nonsense’ by Ciara Rodgers
Sarah Long reviews Marie Brett’s ‘The Hidden Mountain, the Fort and the Five Trees’ at SIRIUS
Chainmail Response to Roseanne Lynch’s Semblance
With an educator’s mind – Lucia Taeubler
A mundane, dreary February day in Cork –
by Eamon Carey
The Grammar of Decolonisation by Carlos Garrido Castellano
Water – More or Less – by Sarah Long
TEST SITE – by Kim Crowley
Oileán – by Sarah Long
Connected – Collaborative response
Beasts – by Kate McSharry
Half Way to Falling – by Sarah Long
COM,MA – by Niamh Murphy
Fly in League with the Night – by Sarah Long
Bloomers Issue 06 – by Sarah Long
Ardú Festival – by Niamh Murphy
Ardú Festival – by Sarah Long
Conversations from Cobh – by Niamh Murphy & Sarah Long
Echoes of Past Sorrows – by Alannah Matthews
A Quite Mutiny – Hazel Scully
Cross (Protest against Brexit, London, June 2018) – by Niamh Murphy
Numb – by Sarah Long