Reviews/ Responses

Sarah Long reviews Marie Brett’s ‘The Hidden Mountain, the Fort and the Five Trees’ at SIRIUS
Chainmail Response to Roseanne Lynch’s Semblance
With an educator’s mind – Lucia Taeubler
A mundane, dreary February day in Cork –
by Eamon Carey
The Grammar of Decolonisation by Carlos Garrido Castellano
Water – More or Less – by Sarah Long
TEST SITE – by Kim Crowley
Oileán – by Sarah Long
Connected – Collaborative response
Beasts – by Kate McSharry
Half Way to Falling – by Sarah Long
COM,MA – by Niamh Murphy
Fly in League with the Night – by Sarah Long
Bloomers Issue 06 – by Sarah Long
Ardú Festival – by Niamh Murphy
Ardú Festival – by Sarah Long
Conversations from Cobh – by Niamh Murphy & Sarah Long
Echoes of Past Sorrows – by Alannah Matthews
A Quite Mutiny – Hazel Scully
Cross (Protest against Brexit, London, June 2018) – by Niamh Murphy
Numb – by Sarah Long
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