Reviews/ Responses

Reviews and poetic responses to visual art exhibitions in Cork and beyond.

REVIEW: Natasha Bourke’s film Concrete Keys

REVIEW: Myfanwy Frost-Jone’s film Unsustainable
REVIEW: Holly Márie Parnell’s film Cabbage
REVIEW: Ofri Cnaani’s ‘Accidental Triggers’ by Georgia Perkins
REVIEW: Marie Brett’s ‘The Hidden Mountain, the Fort and the Five Trees’
REVIEW: With an educator’s mind: Daniela Oritz by Lucia Taeubler
REVIEW: Daniela Ortiz’s They Will Burn with the Flame of the Mother’s Torment and in Ashes Transform by Carlos Garrido Castellano
RESPONSE: Marie Hanlon’s ‘Water – More or Less’

RESPONSE: Test Site by Kim Crowley

RESPONSE: INTER_SITE’s ‘Oileán’ at Fitzgerald’s Park
Collaborative response to Ann Mechelinck’s ‘(Re)connected’ at The Gallery on Grand Parade
RESPONSE: Katrina Tracuma’s ‘Beasts’ by Kate McSharry
RESPONSE: Just City Collective’s Half Way to Falling
RESPONSE: COM,MA’ (MA:AP show) by Niamh Murphy
RESPONSE: Yiadom-Boayke’s ‘Fly in League with the Night’
RESPONSE: Ardú festival by Niamh Murphy
RESPONSE: Ardú Festival
RESPONSE: Ellen King’s and Kathryn Kelly’s Sublimation by Alannah Matthews
REVIEW: Daphne Wright’s ‘A Quite Mutiny’ by Hazel Scully
RESPONSE: Stephen Doyle’s ‘Numb’
RESPONSE: The work of Joy Gerrard by Niamh Murphy