Art Writing

Writing about visual art; writing around visual art and writing as visual art.

If a tree falls in the forest – Sarah Long
Gynaeoptican girlies: In defense of the ‘pick-me girl’ – Sarah Long
Gynaeoptican girlies: The Spectatrix – Marie-Chantal Hamrock
Oiléan – INTER_SITE collective

Shadow Forests – Angela Gilmour
Foggy – Lily O’ Shea
Subject to change – Peggoty Ransley & Maitiú Mac Cárthaigh
Changing time// do less precisely when asked to do more -Alison O’ Shea
I’m thinking about time – Sarah Long
Plotting Places and Practice – Ellen O’ Connor
Tuuli – Artem Trofimenko
Laggard – Lily O’ Shea